13 - 06 - 2024

DynDNS Service - Configuration of NameCheap.com

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The configuration of the DynDNS Service for the DynDNS provider NameCheap.com is a little bit tricky, because the provider does not follow the DynDNS V2 protocol.

In particular, the transfer of the host name causes problems, because according to V2 protocol DynDNS the entire domain name (including the host name) is normally expected as a common parameter; NameCheap.com expects to respond the host name and the domain suffix in two separate parameters. However, the DynDNS Service easily can be configured with some minor modifications in the Update-URI so that the DynDNS update of DynDNS Service works with the provider NameCheap.com.

First, here are the key data for Detection- and Update-URI for the provider NameCheap.com:

NameCheap.com Detection
Unknown / not available. Use a general URI, such as

As you can see the domain 'www.example.com' is not taken from the placeholder [FQDN]. Instead, it was coded directly in the URI: The parameter 'host=www' contains the hostname 'www' of the domain 'www.example.com' during the parameter 'domain=example.com' contains the domain suffix 'example.com'. If you register your domain on NameCheap.com this domain should be integrated directly into the Update-URI instead of using the input field for the Full Qualified Domain Name at the Provider-Editor of the DynDNS Service.


Your domain is: 'mail.bumelux.com '. Change the Update-URI as follow:

As response code to detect a successful update by DynDNS Service type: 'good'. The other parameters can be used as usual filled by the Provider-Editor (These are filled by the respective placeholders).