25 - 07 - 2024

DynDNS Returncodes

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If the DynDNS provider uses return codes of the DynDNS v2 standard, the meaning of each return code is documented in the following table.
DynDNS providers also can use its own proprietary return codes. In this case, please contact your DynDNS provider for more information.
Return CodeTypeDescription
Update Complete
good check
The update was successful, and the Full Qualified Domain Name (shortly FQDN) is now updated.
nochg check
The update changed no settings, and is considered abusive. Additional nochg updates will cause the FQDN to become blocked.
Account-related Errors
badauth error
The username and password pair do not match a real user.
!donator error
The requested update can not be executed without the user's manual intervention. For more details please contact your DynDNS provider.
FQDN-related Errors
notfqdn error
The FQDN specified is not a fully-qualified domain name (not in the form hostname.dyndns.org or domain.com).
Note! If no FQDNs were specified, notfqdn will be returned once.
nohost error
The FQDN specified does not exist in this user account (or is not in the service specified in the system parameter).
numhost error
Too many FQDNs (more than 20) specified in an update. Also returned if trying to update a round robin (which is not allowed).
abuse error
The specified FQDN is temporarily blocked for updates.
Agent-related Errors
badagent error
The user agent "DynDNS Service V1.x" was not accepted.
good error
This answer indicates good update only when address is requested by update. In all other cases it warns user that request was ignored because of agent "DynDNS Service V1.x" was not accepted by the DynDNS provider.
Provider-related Errors
dnserr error
A DNS error is encountered in the DynDNS provider's DNS system.
911 error
There is a problem or scheduled maintenance of the DynDNS provider.