25 - 07 - 2024

SpamCop Addin

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SpamCop Addin is an extension for Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016 or 2019 version for simplified reporting spam to SpamCop.

Normally spam to SpamCop is accomplished via a simple forwarding in your own e-mail client. However, this does not work in Microsoft Outlook, because this mail client changes or removes the invisible header information of the e-mail and thus it does not make any sense to forwarding any e-mail to SpamCop.

The SpamCop Addin forwards the e-mail including the mail headers to SpamCop. To report spam to SpamCop in Microsoft Outlook will be as simple as in other mail clients.



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WinLED is a substitute for non-visible disk LEDs and displays the disk activity by an animated icon in the Windows desktop system tray. The tool runs minimized in the notification area of Windows and when disk activity is detected, it will blink to signal that.
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